Sound policies come out of constructive debates

Danielle van Dalen Auckland, October 16, 2017 The best way to reduce gun violence is through stricter gun control policies, right? Well, perhaps, but not necessarily. A recent article in Washington Post shows that achieving lasting, positive change through policy

Cathay Pacific launches Upgrade Bid in New Zealand

Supplied Content Auckland, October 16, 2017 Cathay Pacific has introduced Upgrade Bid, giving customers who have purchased Premium Economy or Economy Class tickets, the opportunity to upgrade to the next cabin class. Upgrade Bid is not currently available between Hong

The Nation waits, with bated breath for a phone call

Venkat Raman The agony of waiting could end sometime on Monday (October 16, 2017) when New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters makes that nervously awaited phone call. That phone call would end public speculation on who would form the next

Auckland Diwali 2017 fails to impress

Venkat Raman Despite the presence of a Lavani cultural group from Maharashtra and thousands of people enjoying the extensive and exquisite Indian cuisine at food stalls set up throughout the Aotea Square and parts of Queen Street, Auckland Diwali 2017

Competence in English language creates pathway to success

And here is expert guidance free, so to speak Adon Kumar Where does language start and end in the job search cycle? What is one critical component of your quest to securing your first or your next job? As an

Nothing short of exorcism can purify the Auckland Council

Thakur Ranjit Singh Contrary to initial optimism, Auckland Super City appears to have degenerated into an uncontrollable Frankenstein Monster- and a blood-sucking Dracula. Here, the elected representatives have been forced to abdicate their powers. Shots are called by the Council

Name and shame bad food for Awards

Bad Taste Food Awards open for nominations Sue Chetwin Consumer NZ wants nominations for its Bad Taste Food Awards. The Awards highlight food companies marketing their products as better choices than they really are. False Claims Consumer NZ research regularly

Tertiary provider pulls out of business programmes

Supplied Content The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is assisting International College of Auckland (ICA) to transfer about 80 international students to a high-quality tertiary provider, after a voluntary withdrawal of accreditation by ICA. This voluntary withdrawal of accreditation relates

More schools participate in National Can Collection

Staff Reporter More than 155 schools from around the country have signed up to take part in Wattie’s Cans for Good – national can collection to help struggling families with food support. With Salvation Army foodbanks around the country already

Cigna takes a day off for community work

Supplied Content More than half of Kiwis do not have a workplace wellness programme, but for 40% of 25-39-year olds, it would be a reason to change jobs, according to the latest Cigna 360 Wellbeing Survey. Cigna New Zealand joins

Good accounting standards spell commercial success

Venkat Raman Indian entrepreneurs continue to display indifference towards employing professionally qualitied accountants, thereby exposing their businesses to higher risks, says a senior Chartered Accountant and Finance expert. Minoo Master, Financial Controller at Medtech Global Limited, a leading health information

Global meet denounces deficiency in tackling mental health

A Correspondent in Berlin, Germany A keynote address with a difference was sought of former Governor General (New Zealand) Sir Anand Satyanand by World Psychiatric Association President Professor Dinesh Bhugra of London (an Indian Newslink columnist), for its Triennial Meeting in Berlin