ISA 2016 Basic Requirements

Welcome to the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016


Indian Newslink, New Zealand’s oldest and most popular English fortnightly community newspaper was established in November 1999 to promote quality, investigative and responsible journalism. Over the years, the publication, owned by ‘Indian Newslink Limited,’ has also been organising Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards to recognise and reward successful businesses of Indian origin in New Zealand, Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture to encourage and promote good governance and the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards to recognise and reward successful sportspersons among the members of the Indian community in New Zealand.

Established in 2012, our Sports Awards Programme are one of a kind in New Zealand to reward achievers who are in their formative years as well as those who are veterans in their field.


The Application process is simple, easy-to-understand and involves the entire community, since these entries can be either through nominations by parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches and officials of sports organisations and clubs established and run by New Zealanders of all ethnic groupings. Employers or managers may also attest the entry forms of their eligible employees. While the Awards scheme is for people of Indian origin, their nominees can be from any part of the world.

An experienced panel of judges, independent of the newspaper, will evaluate the qualifying entries and decide the winners in each category, and the overall winner of the Supreme Sportsman of the Year and the Supreme Sportswoman of the Year Awards. In addition, the Judges, may, at their discretion announce Special Awards under any category to be given to any person who, in their opinion has contributed to the world of sports.

Awards Night

The finalists and winners will be announced at a Presentation Dinner Ceremony to be held in Auckland on 20 June 2016, the details of which will be announced in due course.

Please download the entry form, rules and regulations from the website, choose any number of categories, complete the entry requirements on your computer, save in PDF format and email your entries to on or before Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Please do not fax, mail or courier the form.

Entries and nominations to all categories are open to people of Indian origin, including citizens, permanent residents, migrant workers and students, so long as they hold a valid, legal status. Tourists and visitors are not allowed to participate in Awards Programme.

The entry form must be completed in all aspects and a separate form must be used for each category and for each entrant. Forms that are combined with more than one category or entrant will not be considered.

Downloadable forms and further information are available on the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards website Should you be unable to download this form, please contact Editor, Indian Newslink on (09) 5336377 or (09) 3920103 or email

Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016 Categories

  1. Best Senior Division Cricket Player of the Year
  2. Best Under 18 Cricket Player of the Year
  3. Best Veteran Soccer Player of the Year
  4. Best Senior Division Soccer Player of the Year
  5. est Under 18 Soccer Player of the Year
  6. Best Rugby Player of the Year
  7. Best Rugby League Player of the Year
  8. Best Netball Player of the Year
  9. Best Hockey Player of the Year
  10. Best Golfer of the Year
  11. Best Under 18 Player of the Year- Other Sports
  12. Best Over 18 Player of the Year- Other Sports

 Best Sportsman of the Year

Best Sportswoman of the Year

(Winners of individual categories will be automatically entered)

Download Application form in PDF format

Download Application form in MS Word format

Download Application form in MS Excel format

Our Panel of Independent Judges

  1. Ravi Nyayapati (Convenor)
  2. Judge Dave McNaughton
  3. Dame Susan Devoy
  4. Inspector Rakesh Naidoo
  5. Denise Ewe
  6. Pam Cummings
  7. Holly Nixon
  8. Priyanca Radhakrishnan
  9. Aklesh Sharma
  10. Dr. Philly Karani


Requirements and General Rules

Entry Process

  1. Complete the entry form for each category in full. You may enter more than one category if you are involved in several sports but a separate entry form must be completed for each category. Incomplete forms or those combining more than one category may be rejected.
  2. Any person, organisation or company can nominate anyone to any of the 12 individual categories.
  3. All Completed forms must be sent by email to on or before 6 pm on Sunday May 15, 2016.
  4. Should you require further assistance with the awards process, please write to the Editor, Indian Newslink at

 Conditions of Entry

  1. Individuals who are people of Indian ethnicity with an approved legal status (citizens, permanent residents, migrants with work permit, international students) who have established and verifiable record of achievement in one or more sporting fields are eligible to enter the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards. The Best Sportsman of the Year and the Best Sportswoman of the Year will be chosen from the finalists and/or winners of these categories.
  2. In addition, the judges may, at their discretion, recognise and honour individuals for their special achievement and/or contribution to one or more sporting areas.
  3. The judges will consider the achievements of persons nominated or those who have sent their direct entries for the period covering January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.
  4. Partners, owners, managers and employees of the organisations sponsoring the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016 and the Management and employees of Indian Newslink Limited and its associate companies are not eligible to enter the competition.
  5. All entries must be on this form, completed and filed electronically and sent to on or before 6 pm on Sunday May 15, 2016. These forms may be either filled electronically or manually completed and scanned.
  6. Entries received after this date will not be considered.
  7. Strict confidentiality of the contents of entries will be maintained by the independent judges, but no liability is accepted for any loss or damage suffered through entry in the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.
  8. Please use a type font size of no less than 10 point. The word limits in the entry are to be observed. Supplementary information including Certificates, Photographs, paper clippings or any such material are not required and will not be taken into account.
  9. The judges will contact the nominators or nominees in case of need. The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

  Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016 Timetable

December 21, 2015: Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016 launched in Indian Newslink (Issue dated December 15, 2015) and at with links from www. and

January 1 to March 31, 2016: Contacts with potential entrants, nominees and persons/companies nominating them

May 15, 2016: Final date for completed entries to be filed

20th June 2016: Gala Dinner, Entertainment and Awards Presentation Ceremony. Further details will be published in Indian Newslink and


Tips for getting started

  1. Entering the Awards or nominating persons is much simpler than you think. You will have all the basic information required already available. Keeping the entry brief and to the point will help the Judges to give your entry a good mark
  2. Read the entry form a few times to familiarise yourself with the process and the entry questions.
  3. Get someone known to you and in the case of nominations, the persons nominated as a sounding board.
  4. Allocate time to complete your entry.
  5. Make sure that you have the information you need at hand whenever you work on your entry.
  6. Each category requires a separate entry form. There is a word limit for each question so use space wisely. Choose a few important relevant points rather than lots of irrelevant information.
  7. Ask someone to review your entry to provide an independent view.
  8. The judges weigh their marks for the questions according to the breakdown as follows. Use this as a guide to answer the questions:


Questions Weighting %
About the entrant or nominee 5
Sports Performance 25
Sports Results 20
Reasons for entry or nomination 50
Total 100


* In signing their entry, those nominating confirm that there are no issues with the nominee that may harm the integrity of the Awards. These issues may include past, pending or anticipated actions involving players, officials, directors and/ or shareholders or the company, organisation and such other bodies, which have resulted, or would result in any manner the insolvency, serious offence or such actions that may be considered harmful to Indian Newslink, organisers, sponsors, judges and others involved with the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016.

Download Application form in PDF format

Download Application form in MS Word format

Download Application form in MS Excel format