Football Academy seeks funds for Germany 2017


Magic United Total Academy is concerting efforts to raise funds to enable young players to participate in the European Trip next year. The Academy is far from reaching its overall goal of raising $300,000 to fund the tour but is

Gold at Rio Olympics puts Fiji on world map


Mahendra Sukhdeo –  Fiji’s scintillating gold medal win, the first ever exploit at the Rio Summer Olympics 2016, was a crowning glory for the Sevens team. While Fiji is shedding away some of the remnants of the past left behind

Awards Sponsors get together in goodwill spirit

Indian businesses are among the strongest partners in the growth and development of the economy and many of them have been a source of inspiration for the country, a number of corporate officials have said. “Entrepreneurial efforts must be accompanied

Facts do not stack up to immigration numbers

Aaron Simon Martin –  There has been a great deal of press coverage given to the number of long-term arrivals and the number of work visas being issued. It is often accompanied by an undertone of racism. The debate is

Diversity Job Fair next month

Guilia Pimentel Migrant unemployment has been a growing concern in New Zealand despite the huge demand in the labour market. Hence, the Diversity Job Fair (DJF) organised by Migrant Action Trust (MAT), a non-profit organisation supporting new migrants into employment

Master and owner debate on shipping Indians out of Kuwait


Second of three Parts –  Following the release of ‘Air Lift,’ a Hindi film early this year, a number of people including the Editor of this newspaper who were involved with Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait on August 2, 1990 to

Student protests bring down national image

Apurv Shukla –  In a first of its kind protest, 80 people marched up to the electorate office of Dr Parmjeet Parmar, National Member of Parliament in Mount Roskill, Auckland on September 3, 2016. They were protesting against the deportation

Shutters go down to open hearts for community work

Ansuya Naidoo – BNZ staff recently spent a valuable day providing translation services for the Henderson Lincoln Business Association as part of the Bank’s annual ‘Closed for Good’ volunteering day. On August 31, 2016, all BNZ stores and offices were

How to choose a real estate salesperson

Supplied Content –  Thinking of selling your house? For most people, their home is their biggest asset. As experts in the often daunting process of buying and selling property, a real estate salesperson can be a major support in the

Robust economy promotes strong growth

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi –  A growing economy supports more jobs and higher wages. It provides opportunities for families and pays for public services. That is why our economy remains front and centre of the National Party led Government’s Work Programme.

With constant denial, we are fishing for trouble

David Shearer –  In the eyes of the world, New Zealand is an unspoiled island paradise: rich in natural resources, peaceful and beautiful to boot. If we want to keep that reputation and more importantly stay a clean and lovely

Flour and taste enhance Taiwanese cuisine

Venkat Raman – New Zealand’s food importers will have an opportunity to consider a vast variety of foodstuffs from Taiwan as a trade delegation visits Auckland next week. The Taiwan Food Trade Mission will be at Langham Hotel (83